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                  The protection and application and patent real productivity
                  2019-01-21 10:26:00
                  Since "the project of patent, avic to flying in an application for a patent for greatly increased number of cases, patent quality has been improved obviously. Patent application implements the content of the two transfer: one is the civilian goods project off to military project, the other one is to invention patents, utility models and designs the national defense patent. In 141 patent applications since 2008, 95% of the project and aircraft type development tightly, involved in aircraft design, manufacturing, tooling and nonmetal, nc machining technology, the application for a patent for invention 59, national defense patent 38, ensures that the key products and innovative technology to get patent protection field.
                  Shaanxi daily: avic its colossal patent inventor propulsion "patent project"
                  2019-01-21 10:25:00
                  Down recently, China aviation industry park, posted on the web page of a patent award in the second half of 2011 public table, attract the attention of the broad worker. Along with list of patent award of the public
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